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What is household storage :

Household storage is a storage premises specially constructed for the household staff to keep its staff safely with suitable condition. Since the goods of households are delicate and environmental bonds, the construction of such buildings should be sound, considerable for average temperature and accommodated with household temperature requirement.


1. Process while receiving the goods

  • Material Well packing :- Procurement of well material is  a critical aspect of packing. It helps in packing to remain safe for a long period and safety. There are different ways of packing the material depending upon its property. example if its wooden item it should be packed with corrugated wrapping and shrink wrapping but at the same time if you need to pack the glass type it should be packed with well bubble wrap corrugating wrapping and then with shrink wrapping

If we talk about  dedicated material it should be packed with 2-3 layers of wrapping then corrugated and shrink wrapping to safeguard the staff.

There is also tough packing generally used in international shipping or domestic sea shipment. This type of packing is generally used with wooden packed material with a long stick of wooden material.

All the corners of the sofa item and table should be packed properly .

  • Receiving note preparation:– After preparation of full packed material one person should have to note each material with packing duration time everything and each quantity even the damages its should be prepared in receiving of note and same has to be sign by client and copy of sign receiving not should be hand over to client one copy with the packing vendor provider.

  • Delicate Loading Unloading : Completion of receiving note should be prepared completed with proper not in the format of what item receive Name Quantity Number of Parts and Remarks of damages. Then only loading should be prepared. Delicate loading should be loaded with proper supervision of senior or supervisor. Heavy loading such as a machine should be loaded with the help of forklift or press trolley.
  • Transportation: Transportations is the second most prime factor of Household material packing. The transporter should keep the items in a well stacked manner where the things could take its space properly. To avoid any road accident or road deep driver or transporter should drive a vehicle properly
  • Cross verification of receiving NOTES: Transporter vendors should keep the receiving Nots and the same has to be given at the warehouse. The warehouse incharge inspect the material and will Crosse check the Receiving note. Finally he will give his final remarks on the delivery note.
  • Delivery Confirm note preparation from the Warehouse:

Delivery not should be prepared on the following parameter checking

1. Total Number of item received

2. Type of item

3. Item name

4. Cross Checking with final receiving note

5. Remarking damages if any

6. Hand over the prepared Delivery note to the Transporter Vendor and the same need to inform the Organization.

  • Record management: After receiving the goods and handing over the Delivery note next process should  be followed is the record management of the operational warehouse. It should be prepared in a manner where any one can prepare the thing easily.
  • Labeling the Material Received: Recording should be done with considering the  labeling of material code; it must be recorded on a system before sending to the final address at the warehouses.
  • Putting the item at its right Shelf/Pallets:  If the process is going with the WMS software system each item needs to be put together on self as per pre- defined shelf of the particular item storage. if the item is not mansion in the WMS system the item should keep as per the environment requirement or with demand of client or with management operation emphasis consent.
  • Sending photo: After keeping the item at its right place photos of the same item need to be sent considering the whole item shown in the picture clicked for the future reference of the customer and for the organization.
  • Acknowledgement Receiving Note: simultaneously with photo of item inventory receiving note also need to be sent and Acknowledgement of Inventory must taken by the client and send to the mail or via courier of declaration form.

2. Process while delivering the goods Back

  • Counting total item pick up: The same will forwarded to the warehouse IN charges along the picture and inventory list / Receiving Note . The warehouse in charge will cross check Receiving Note on the parameter of total item, picture matching with mail request for removal shelf rack no, and type of item.
  • Verifying damages: Warehouse IN charge must check all the material if he found anything suspicious he has to cross check with Receiving Note and Delivery Note if everything is same as remark on both Note he can process for keeping goods out from warehouse else if the material not found or something is damages he must need to inform the concern person of removal request raised and same has to be check by the person who raised the request for removal of material.
  • Acknowledgement of warehouse Incharge: Next step is to acknowledgement of the warehouse incharge before handing over the material to the transport department. If the transportation is hired by the client side client will be final responsible for the transportations damages.
  • Transport : If the transportation is hired by Hub storage it should keep in mind the safety transported material to the client given drop location.
  • Delivery material: After delivery the material to pick up location it must be informed by the transportation team arrival of material safely.
  • Opening the packed: If the client wishes to open the material. This has to be only taken into consideration if a client has requested for installment of the whole item with some agreed quotes of an Organization.
  • Acknowledge full material delivery: After safe delivery and full installation of material Organization representative or any vendor must take the Acknowledge of full delivery of material safely along with the full and final installment of all the staff.


1. Relocation

People generally need for storage when relocation from one place to another place is happen, for instance if the a person is living in USA and wanted to settle down in India he can shipped the material via sea due low cost, shipment time for particular item can be remain so long mean while a person need a storage of staff to accommodate the shipment time

2. Vacation

 Holiday or vacation from company to home town or will take a minimum up to 3 month and during that time Household storage can be used for the low cost rent storage.

3. Study

Study abroad or some other state can also need to evocate all the staff from the home, to settle this kind of staff timing and heavy loading. Household storage is the optimum solution.

4. Foreign tour

Household storage requirements can also be raised when foreign tours take place.

5 Business tour

Some businessmen need household storage for reliable costing deduction in rent.

6 Renovation

Renovation is also a major factor of Household storage requirement, its way of cost efficient work .


Self Storage is a synonym of Household Storage:

Self storage is an similar term used for Household Storage the both term means providing storage solutions for home bases item such as furniture tv and crockery gas cylinder and more of household related material.

Self Storage and Household Storage similarity

Self Storage

  • Providing storage for significant materials includes home keeping material and personal goods.
  • This storage location generally preferable not in industrial area but rather then residential area.
  • Its provide end to end solution for their client from packing transportation storage to sending back the material to client house.
  • Customer for such type of storage generally arise when they looking for renovation, relocation, vacation etc.

Household Storage

  • It is an storage services used to keep the all household item includes personals item.
  • Similarly as self storage household storage also prefer for residential storage facility location.
  • Household storage provide service from starting at the stage of packing of item and storing it for certain period of time and sending back the item when client wish to at his door step, which term as end to end solution.
  • Similar all client needs storage for keeping its personals item when they are moving for relocation renovation and vacation and more.


Both household storage self storage are not just an adjacent term but its an equivalent. They work similarly act similar and process are also similar. So the both term must be considered as same.

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