Material Well packing :

Material Well packing :- Procurement of well material is  a critical aspect of packing. It helps in packing to remain long and safe. There are different ways of packing the material depending upon its property. example if its wooden item it should be packed with corrugated wrapping and shrink wrapping but at the same time if you need to pack the glass type it should be packed with well bubble wrap corrugating wrapping and then with shrink wrapping

Long Life storage packaging.

If we talk about  dedicated material it should be packed with 2-3 layers of wrapping then corrugated and shrink wrapping to safeguard the staff.

There is also tough packing generally used in international shipping or domestic sea shipment. This type of packing is generally used with wooden packed material with a long stick of wooden material.

All the corners of the sofa item and table should be packed properly.

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